Private sessions


Private sessions allow for more intimate training working directly towards your goal with your dog! You will receive a personalised training plan, tailored specifically to you and your dog, and your goals.

Choosing the correct package

We have three different package deals below.
-Initial: when you just want a single consultation and this is your first consultation with us, this is the one you should choose.
-Follow-up: when you want to book follow-up sessions, this option is for you, if you only want to book one or two at a time.
-3+: this is our most popular option. This is when you know that you want to book at least 3 sessions. Choose this one if you want 3 or more sessions booked at a time. You do not need to know any specific dates or times yet! When choosing this option, it is important that you choose how many sessions you want below. You should put it at least 3 sessions, but you can also put in more.



With private sessions you’re able to get a more intimate training experience where you and your dog’s struggles or goals are in focus throughout the entire session.

By booking private dog training sessions you will also get a customised and personal training plan made specifically for you and your dog.

Experience true success with private sessions!

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Package type

Single initial session, Follow-up sessions, 3+ discount package

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