Dog Tricks Titles

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Earn your dog tricks titles right here with us! We have designed our titles to promote and strengthen your relationship to your dog and really showcase your talents and skills together as part of a team! We’ll send your rosette to you FREE of charge upon passing your titles.

Make sure to download your checklists for each dog tricks title by clicking below. Please include your dog’s name somewhere either in the video file name, as text somewhere in the video, or along with your link to the video below. 🙂

Dog tricks titles checklists can be found here!



Ever wanted to earn dog tricks titles with your dog?

This is your chance!

Our dog tricks titles are designed to promote and strengthen your relationship and teamwork with your dog. They will encourage you to set specific goals for your dog training, and help structure a path of progress.

In these titles, your dog will have to perform a certain number of tricks from 10 different categories, one of which being a trick of your own choice. This will allow you to really show off your dog’s skills, even if your favourite trick isn’t listed among the prescribed tricks for each trick title.

What is required for each title?

You can find all of the tricks required for the different titles at our Title Page. Simply click on the highlighted text, and you’ll be taken there. You can from there download a checklist for each dog tricks title to easily keep track of the different tricks needed.

How old should my dog be?

Your dog can be any age, but if your dog is less than 12 months old it should not be performing any jumps that are above the dog’s ankle height.

What should I do now?

Now, you should click right here and download your checklist for the title that you want to earn (be aware that you should start with Novice), and then get started with your training, then your filming, and then simply upload your video and wait excitedly for your assessment!

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Dog Tricks Titles

Novice Trick Title

Jeg synes, at det har været så godt at have et positivt mål at træne på her i coronatiden. Er nogle rigtig fine rosetter. Dog savner jeg beskrivelse under hver øvelse, da man kan tolke øvelser forskelligt.

Novice Trick

Thanks for having these titles. The novice trick title was a great test of our tricks skills

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