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Keep track of all of your dog tricks with this brand new dog tricks planner!

Never forget another cue or which tricks your dog is actually able to do. With this planner you can collect all of your dog’s tricks in a neat little notebook and even write out notes that you need to remember for each trick.

This book is completely printable by yourself, so you can always very easily print out more empty pages for all of your extra tricks!

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A useful memory jogger!

Useful for logging tricks and keeping track of all the cues we need to remember to be consistent in training! The little diagrams are very useful as a reminder of the trick, if they were a little smaller, the Notes area could be across the width of the page. A list of the tricks included would be handy, as would page numbers :-) I like the fact there are extra blank spaces to add your own tricks. Printed mine out double-sided as an A5 booklet and added my own Index on the back blank page. A few tweaks to the design and I would give this 5 stars :-)

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