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Train dog parkour to boost your mutual relationship with your dog, promote more focus onto you and get a dog that walks nicely on the lead. By utilising your environment for fun games and training you will also be able to help your dog to overcome anxieties. Read more in the description below or by following the link below.

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Dog Parkour is a way of utilising your surrounding environment for different training purposes. By encouraging your dog to interact with its environment and overcoming many different obstacles on its way and turning these into fun games, you can help your dog to overcome many different anxieties while also strengthening the bond between the two of you. Dog Parkour is for you who would like your dog to have better focus on you, pull less on walks, overcome anxieties by boosting confidence, or for you who would like a new and exciting challenge for you and your dog. This dog parkour book will provide you with everything you will need to get started on your dog parkour journey!

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Anna Louise has been training dogs for more than 12 years in various dog sports including agility, rally-obedience, ordinary obedience, tricks, dog dancing, and dog parkour. She became Denmark’s youngest certified dog trainer in 2012 and has since then specialised herself in games-based dog training. Through games it is possible to turn any impossibility into a possibility.

Dog Parkour Book
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Publication date: 29th January 2019

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Customer Reviews

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Jeanet Lemche (Odense, DK)
Super god bog med masser af øvelser.

Det er den mest inspirerende bog om hundetræning jeg har læst. De forskellige måder, at inspirerer hunden til at udføre øvelserne er virkelig godt beskrevet. Jeg fornemmer tydeligt, at Anna har trænet en masse forskellige typer af hunde og set hvad der skal til, for at få succes. Denne bog kan varmt anbefales til alle, som syntes det er sjovt at træne sin hund og som mangler inspiration til nye super sjove øvelser, som hunden vil elske at udføre. Det gør min hund :-)

melanie Gurdon (Ipswich, GB)
Dog parkour

This is a really fun book and gives you all that you need to get you started with dog parkour and if you get the bug take you to the next level.
We love pictures so more would be great.

Gail Skinner (Mexilhoeira Grande, PT)
Good book

Easy to read with some good ideas. Thanks so much for starting us on our Parkour journey 🐾🐾

Alice (Batley, GB)
Jumping for joy!

My 6 year old husky x staffy rescue always has so much energy! Walks were long and if I'm honest, boring! Now I'm constantly looking for things to play with and have got some great inspiration from this book. Walks are a lot more interactive and fun, he checks in a lot more just in case I'm going to ask him to jump on top of the world (his favourite). I'd definitely recommend this book!

Sabina Botta (Snaresbrook, GB)
Dog parkour

Great book,written clearly and straight.
I am very satisfied with the book,reading it and realising has been doing parkour myself with my dog but now it is got name.Thanks for a lovely idea to order it,got it in Czech version however the language is very similar to one of mine the Slovakian,so it is easy to read and understand. The book has been translated very good,exited to finish it and start to do some parkour from it.
Thanks one more time.
Sabina from London,with an 8year old Jack Russel terrier called Tofi who is crazy and ready to play new parkour tricks.