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Train dog parkour to boost your mutual relationship with your dog, promote more focus onto you and get a dog that walks nicely on the lead. By utilising your environment for fun games and training you will also be able to help your dog to overcome anxieties. Read more in the description below or by following the link below.

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Dog Parkour is a way of utilising your surrounding environment for different training purposes. By encouraging your dog to interact with its environment and overcoming many different obstacles on its way and turning these into fun games, you can help your dog to overcome many different anxieties while also strengthening the bond between the two of you. Dog Parkour is for you who would like your dog to have better focus on you, pull less on walks, overcome anxieties by boosting confidence, or for you who would like a new and exciting challenge for you and your dog. This dog parkour book will provide you with everything you will need to get started on your dog parkour journey!

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Anna Louise has been training dogs for more than 12 years in various dog sports including agility, rally-obedience, ordinary obedience, tricks, dog dancing, and dog parkour. She became Denmark’s youngest certified dog trainer in 2012 and has since then specialised herself in games-based dog training. Through games it is possible to turn any impossibility into a possibility.

Dog Parkour Book
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Publication date: 29th January 2019

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Easy to follow, awesome book

I took a dog Parkour class over the summer 2019 and wanted something to supplement and enhance our training during and after we completed the class. I like that this book is simple to follow with clear instructions using both luring and shaping options for each exercise, lots of examples for obstacles in both urban/rustic environments, and homemade obstacles with low money investment (harness). I'm amazed it's the only book about canine Parkour. I purchased mine after discovering it on 4PCA. I purchased it from Thank you for a wonderful, useful book.

Amazing book

An amazing book full with very good excercises for you and your dog. Excellent to shape the dog's brain to confidence and optimism when facing new things in life. Additionally, it's FUN! :)

Dog Parkour

It’s an amazing book. Certainly worth having if you got active dogs

A workout for our pups brain and body

I started to scan through the book as soon as it arrived as I always do with a new book. Within minutes I was reading in depth and got through the first 50 pages before I knew it. Well written and easy to follow and understand.

I've seen some of the ideas before, but there was a lot of new stuff for us to try with Max, a 6 month old Chocolate Labrador. We realise that we will have to wait a full year to try out a lot of these training tips, but we will definitely be signing Max up for your online Parkour courses as soon as he is physically mature enough for the work involved.

I'm glad my daughter, who also has your book for working with her dogs, recommended it.
Alan, Julie and Max