Disc dog weekend event

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Challenge yourself and your dog while having fun learning about disc dog for a full weekend!

Develop awesome skill that can be used for disc dog or in your other sports such as dog dancing, rally-O, or even to just improve your ordinary obedience!

Show your dog that all the fun happens with you!

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Welcome to a Weekend of Disc Dog Training with Heather Smith



Do you want to get involved with the latest dog activity to hit the UK?

Does your dog love to chase, jump and dance?

Do you want to take part in a dog sport where you can completely play to your partnerships strengths and increase your dog’s drive and motivation and focus?

Does your dog love PLAYTIME?


If so, this Disc Dog weekend is for you!

This course aims to provide you with the skill set to take part in the following Disc Activities

• Throw Disc and the associated sports such as Toss and Fetch

• Jump Disc

• Freestyle

The Course covers the following –

• Throwing skills for the humans in the partnership /choosing discs

• Foundation skills for your dogs, including warm ups and cool downs

• From proprioception to Gymnastricks

• Tricks and Flicks for Freestyle and building a routine

• Patterns and ground work

Safety, fitness, readiness to undertake activities and the welfare of the dog is of paramount importance and will be part of the weekend.

Groups are kept small in order that you can achieve lots with your dog over the weekend






Heather is an international trainer and competitor who has not only won Crufts HTM Final on three occasions but has been an Open European Championship Finalist in HTM.

For the past four years Heather has been involved in Disc Dog and is Scotland’s only Accredited Trainer and Assessor for the UK Disc Dog Association as well as a show organizer for Scotland’s Disc Dog Show.

Recent successes for Heather have included winning the UFO World Cup Freestyle Qualifier with Google and the UFO World Cup Throw and Catch Qualifier with Luna (owned by Michelle Porter), gaining a Master title with Google in the first Toss and Fetch League and as part of the Bearded Collie Disc Dog Team having an unbeaten record as top team in both Throw Disc and Freedisc.

Heather also works a Bichon Frise, an Australian Shepherd and a Border Collie.


Time: 25th and 26th April from 10am to 5pm

This weekend event will be held at Lynwood Kennels

Cowhill, Rothienorman, Inverurie AB51 8UX

There will be free tea, coffee and cake available throughout the weekend, and it is possible to order sandwiches for lunch too. You are also welcome to bring your own lunch!

Limited handler with dog spaces available (only 12!) but spectator spaces available at a smaller price too. Get in touch to book spectator slots.