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Testimonials and reviews

''Awesome, games based approach to build confidence in dogs! I volunteer and work with a lot of rescue dogs who lack confidence. This book has a lot of exercises that not only help rebuild that confidence but also strengthens the dog/human relationship. There are illustrations and photos as well as step by step instructions ! I highly recommend it!''
"We are still having fun working through this book chapter by chapter. My pup is nervous, and kept pulling a shoulder muscle so doing these games and exercises every day have really helped strengthen it and she has gained boost awareness so users her body better. She had also gained confidence in having fun interaction with me and the environment when out. We are still quite early in the book, we are currently doing crawl under obstacles, I never thought I could teach crawl to a dog! Loads to go yet but I am making myself go slow and work through each exercise properly. We are all getting many hours of fun from it."
"For those who like to continue or develop training with their beloved pooch, this book is ideal. Anna clearly explains each technique. She also gives great tips on training your dog in different environments. There's also a section for advanced games. We have a 9 month old puppy, for us it's all about developing our bond and communication, as well as mentally stimulating our little fur baby. I would highly recommend!"